(False) anglicisms in Italian

We know that the Italian language, unlike French, is full of words which belong to the English vocabulary, especially in some specific domains, such as economics, sport and information technology. But are we sure they are all proper English words? Actually, we can find lots of false anglicisms in Italian, that is to say words which are recognizibly English in their form but that don’t exist in English or which are used in a totally different way.

Here are some of the most common:

Acquagym –> Aqua aerobics, water aerobics

Autogoal –> Own goal

Autostop –> Hitch hiking

Backstage –> Making of

Beauty (case) –> Cosmetic bag, make-up case

Bisex –> Bisexual

Block notes –> Desk pad, notebook, tablet

Fiction –> Soap opera, serial

Flirt –> Affair, quick romance

Footing –> Jogging

Gadget –> Giveaway

Internet point –> Cybercafé, internet café

Jolly –> Joker, wild card

Outing (es. fare outing) –> Coming out

Sexy shop –> Adult store, sex shop

Smoking –> Dinner suit, dress suit, black tie

Testimonial –> Endorser

Trench –> Mac, mack, mac(k)intosh, trench coat

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