The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

At the moment the United Kingdom is celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, that is 60 years of her reign.  Celebrations have started at the beginning of this year but they have reached their peak the last 2nd June and will close on the 5th June.

The programme is very rich and, as usual, no expense was spared in organising sumptuous events. Yesterday it took place the diamond jubilee river pageant, with the Royal Family dressed in it’s Sunday best. A million spectators coming from all Britain converged on the Thames to watch the show.

The British fondness for the Queen is at its top-level. The diamond jubilee has also increased the business on the Royal Family with all kind of souvenirs prepared for this occasion.

Certainly, British culture also includes the long tradition of the monarchy and all the aspects related to it, with great importance given to ceremonial occasions.

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